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First time in networking industry, DIGITAL startup through Networking 50000 to 500000+ per month earning opportunity

Digital Education based Business plan is for everyone. Either you doing any other company plan or you are searching best opportunity, DEAR Mart is for everyone.

Recycle Matrix+Auto pair 1:1 matching+Generation income+purchase income+Digital Business Income

Money Back Guaranteed

If you not satisfy, get your refunded

100% Secure Wallet

Almost all security same as bank

12 Types Legal Income...Don't miss it

2 Types of Different Business Plan, choose any one or both as per your choice

(Rs.500 Service Activation for Recycle Matrix)

1)Rs.1500 for Re cycle Matrix

2)Rs.1500 for auto pair and other types Income


Our mission in not to run only networking plan but also we will do Other Digital business through networking people and build strong multibillion dollar company in upcoming year.

Participants can make 12+ types income with Dearmarts and their associates company.

Recycle Matrix

Every time member can recycle and place same ID again and again in their Tree

Auto Pair Matching

1:1 Auto fill pair matching income. No need to select Left/Right Position.

Generation Income

10% generation or Level income distribute in 7 Level

Royalty or Dividend Income

We share almost 20% to 40% of Total profit as royalty to our Consultants.

Shopping Income

Purchase 100’s of products online through our shop and every purchase your sponsor will earn.

Local Shop Listing income

List nearby shop in our portal and earn upto 20% lifetime commission

Affiliates shopping income

Affiliates with big brand, list product in your own micro website.

Awards/Reward income

Highest performer will get flexible Award and other extra benefits from company.

Self or team Recharge Commission

Attractive Commission of self or team recharge activity.

Business center/franchisee income

Franchisee/business center will get additional benefit.

AD's Task Income

Free additional income to increase Facebook like, Youtube view, Instagram follower etc.

Other Digital and software products lead

Just by passing lead to our sales team and enjoy additional lead generation income.

All types Income explaination

1) Recycle Matrix

How Recycle Matrix work?

First time in Recycle Matrix, every ID will recycle to same pool without upgrading to higher amount. As soon as you activate account by Rs.500 Fund your matrix income will start instantly.

  • Every participants has to make 2 member or Downline can be placed by spill by sponsor
  • Every member will receive Rs.750 – Rs.750( 2 times) by your downline and Rs.750-Rs.750-Rs.750-Rs.750( 4 times by downline’s to downline)
  • Total receive Amount Rs.4500
  • Again Recycle your ID by clicking recycle button, then you need to pay Rs.500 to your main sponsor, Rs.500 to immediate sponsor and Rs.500 to their sponsor.

2) Auto Pair Income

How Auto 1:1 Pair Matching work?

No need to select your Left/Right Position, Pay Rs.1500 directly to company and enjoy Benefit of Digital and other services, also get benefit of huge income opportunity with us.

  • System will fill auto left to right and Top to bottom in 1:1 ratio
  • Every pair matching get Rs.350
  • Rs.5000 can maximum every day ceiling
  • All payout will directly Transfer to your bank account through gateway or NEFT

Get 10% Generation or Level Income upto 7 Level. For eligible generation income every Consultant require to do Minimum 5 Direct Referral member

  • First Level – 3%
  • Second Level – 2%
  • Third Level – 1%
  • Fourth Level – 1%
  • Fifth Level – 1%
  • Sixth Level – 1%
  • Seventh Level – 1%

Company will distribute 20% of their profit among the DIAMOND CONSULTANT as a profit sharing or royalty. Every 3-3 month quarter ended result, every Royalty achiever will get appropriate profit share on their wallet.

For DIAMOND CONSULTANT, Self Direct 10 consultant and Total team size 50 consultant require then only eligible for royalty income.

List your nearby shop, Business Store, Electronic Store, Institutes, Retail Store or any to our o2o(online to offline) platform. Once shop active yearly paid plan, you will receive listing commission as follow.

  • You will receive 10% to 20% as per package value on New order or Renewal every year.
  • Your sponsor will receive flat 5% of total package value.

We categorized Business center or franchisee in 2 types.
1. State franchisee and
2. Circle franchisee Kindly go through for detail

DEARmart associate Digital and software services since 8 year. Anyone provide only LEAD regards Digital Marketing and Software services like E commerce portal, Matrimony Portal, Website with SEO and many more. For every successive Customer, our consultant will earn 10 to 25% straight Commission.

Consultant work only to provide lead through their Member panel of LEAD MANAGEMENT. Rest thing will do by sales team.

shop 100’s of Home care to personal care product available in very competitive price. Sponsor will receive Flat 5% of total Value purchase by their downline. If your downline have shop Rs. 50000 in a month get Rs. 2500 Commission instantly.

Your own website, your own income. At dearmart every consultant get their own predefined microwebsite as your username example You can add own affiliates product from Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal or any other as per your choice. Every successfully sales you will get 100% commission as your.

Every consultant will received 0.5 to 4% commission on their self or team recharge. Commission chart are as follow.(Note:- Below Commission chart are vary time to time as per operator concern).

Thousands of business or Individual to looking that company to increase FACEBOOK LIKE, WEBSITE VISITOR INCREASE, YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBER and WATCH INCREASE, INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER, TWITTER FOLLOWER and many more services.

Consultant will receive TASK on their dashboard and act according to instruction. Every task company will pay appropriate profit to Satisfying TASK performer.

We appreciate every hard and smart work. At DEAR mart we inspire consultant to work hard and smart and time to time appreciate their work in the form or Rewards and other benefit.
Kindly refer separate section of reward income

Create just In a Minutes to follow 4 simple Steps


  • 01
    Free Register

    Register your account with existing consultant ID

  • 02
    Activate ID

    Choose plan and Activate by Rs.500 Fund for matrix

  • 03
    Recycle Matrix

    As soon As activate start earning by new member

  • 04
    Count profit

    Count your earning for lifetime with 12 types income.

How user will be benefitted with DEARmarts Business Module


Benefit to Join DEARmarts Business


  • Unique networking and Business Concept.
  • Smart and unique business module and plan.
  • Video based Digital Marketing Training.
  • Every Member will get their own microwebsite Eg.
  • No competitor in market.
  • 8+ Year experience of company in Networking, Digital and Technology
  • Highly professional environment.
  • Strong team of management
  • Government Also support Digital concept.
  • Futuristic business opportunity.

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